what songs are trending on instagram reels

Your videos may go viral if they feature current Reels tunes. You might establish a Reels trend to increase views or join one already existing. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

7 ways to find trending songs for Reels on Instagram

Here are 7 amazing ways, but before reading more, look at getting followers on Instagram.

  1. View the Instagram page for @preview.app

View the Instagram page for @preview.app

We share the hottest Reels tracks with video ideas on Instagram every week.

  1. Music on Instagram Stories

Check your Story Music after that. Also, read more about how to write an Instagram bio in bold.

Music on Instagram Stories

Instagram suggests tracks that are currently trending automatically.

Additionally, they group songs according to seasons or musical categories.

Publish your Story

Snap a random picture

Click the “Music” icon.


  1. look at the Explore Page

On the Explore Page, you may find the latest Reels trends.

look at the Explore Page

Instagram typically recommends reels that are relevant to your interests and recent posts. Also, click on the top 10 Instagram followers in the world.

Check out the sounds and music they are playing. You can store the audio for later use if you like what you hear.


Scroll down after seeing one Reels video to see the following ones that might interest you. The Instagram algorithm will keep recommending other Reels with well-known tunes to you. Also, read more about losing followers on Instagram.


  1. Reels Hashtag Page

Check a hashtag page next.

Each of us has a distinct kind of account.

You might run a company. Your brand might not be appropriate for the currently trendy Reels music.

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However, some songs are well-liked in your field.

Check Hashtag Pages to identify tracks that are more appropriate for your brand.

Pick a hashtag relevant to your posts or your company’s theme.

Check the hashtags #smallbusiness, for instance, if you own a small business. View the Reels posts made by other small business entrepreneurs. If you own a restaurant, you can search for #restaurant or #foodblogger. Check the #art or #artist hashtag if you consider yourself an artist. Also, we suggest your read the best unfollowers app for Instagram.

You’ll find Reels of songs and trends ideal for your account.

Do this to view the Reels on a hashtag page:

Dispatch the Explore Page

In the search box, enter a hashtag (for example, #fashion).

Click “Tags.”

  1. The Discover Page on Tiktok

The majority of Instagram Reels trends originate on TikTok. Go to the TikTok Discover Page if you want to start a new trend or be ahead of it.

The Discover Page on Tiktok

This trend will take over Insta within a few weeks.

Being the pioneer or the first profile to start the trend will help you expand your account further.

  1. Tok Board

Do you want to know what songs are popular on TikTok?

Check out the Tokboard website.Tok Board

  1. Examine the noises of important content producers.

Do you know of any other Instagram users who publish fantastic reels? Who else follows amusing trends without fail?

If so, watch out for them!

If not, look for other writers in your niche and pay them frequent visits on social media.

For instance, if you have a fashion page, you might check @marta sierra and @valerialipovetsky. They consistently select excellent audio for their Reels.

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You are not required to use their content verbatim. However, you can make your original stuff for your account and locate incredible sounds.

Enjoy making your reels!

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