What is the Clubhouse? How does it work, and how can it be used?

You may have recently heard of the Clubhouse app and wondered what the Clubhouse podcast is and what it does. About this application, as in the case of Gamestonk, we can, to some extent, consider the role of Elon Musk to be crucial. He attended a Clubhouse chat room in January and attracted many people to the service. Bill Gates has done the same thing recently. This article aims to explain everything you need to know about the Clubhouse podcast.

What is the Clubhouse? How does it work, and how can it be used?

Here’s the thing about the Clubhouse podcast app: Imagine you have an app on your phone that lets you listen in on other people’s live conversations. Of course, not in the form of eavesdropping; this is horrible and unacceptable. These people want their discussions to be heard. They may be famous, or at least exciting or knowledgeable people; Of course, there is no guarantee in this case. You may also be allowed to join. You can think of Clubhouse as a social network with voice chat.

In fact, Clubhouse is a sound-driven social media. The developer describes the app: “A new social media based on the human voice that allows people, wherever they are in the world, to talk to each other, tell stories, come up with ideas. “Talk, deepen their friendships and meet new people from all over the world.”

How to create profile on clubhouse app

  1. Click New User at the top left of the Users page
  2. Enter the username to be used when logging into the website
  3. Enter the First and Last names
  4. Enter the email address (this is used for sending password emails and email communications with the website)
  5. Select a User Type (Public – Administrator – Employee)
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How to follow someone on clubhouse?

fined user with search id on clubhouse and next tap on Follow button to Follow that.

Another way is that if you found someone in rooms and would like to follow him, you can tap on the user and follow him.

How to Unfollow someone on clubhouse app?

  1. Tap your profile pic at the top right.
  2. Tap Following in your profile.
  3. Tap the blue Following button next to the person you’d like to unfollow.

How to chat with another user on clubhouse?

  1. Open Clubhouse.
  2. Tap the paper airplane icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the pen and paper icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Type the name of the person you want to chat to and select them. If you’re following their profile, they’ll appear. You can also add more than one name, forming a group chat of up to 15 people.
  5. Hit Done and the text chat will open, ready for you to type in your written missives.

How to Find rooms on clubhouse app?

So is it just a conversation? Can’t see any pictures or videos?

What is the Clubhouse

Yes, it’s just a conversation. No, the only image you can see is the user’s profile picture. That’s why your profile picture plays such an important role, click on Clubhouse profile maker to have an attractive profile. Also, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader to download other people’s profiles in the shortest time.

How can I get the Clubhouse app?

The Clubhouse is now available for iOS and Android users. Any iPhone and Android user can download this app and listen to conversations through it.

What is the Clubhouse

Interesting so that I can create an account right now. Is it true?

Yes, you can. At the moment, you do not need an invitation to access this application, and all iPhone and Android users can join it.

Can I use the Clubhouse app on my iPad?

Yes, certainly. But this app is not optimized for iPadOS. You can see the app on the iPad in a small window or in a doubly enlarged window, which is not very interesting.

Well, then all that is needed is this app? No website?

The company’s only website is, which only directs you to the Apple App Store. Do not confuse this service with, a project management application.

  How to use Clubhouse: Getting Started with Clubhouse app

What am I going to listen to in the Clubhouse podcast?

When you access the Clubhouse, you will be presented with a page full of various topics of conversation that you can follow, from sports to technology; From religious matters to air pollution and many more. Surely you will find your favourite topics, and you can follow them. The more topics and people you follow, the more likely you will receive offers to join chat rooms related to your favourite topics.

What is the Clubhouse

Are the conversations permanent or not?

Users set up or end chat rooms themselves. The Clubhouse podcast may not record anything, but users constantly find ways to record sounds. Click on record Clubhouse room for more information.

How many people can be present in the conversation?

The current limit is 5,000 people per Clubhouse chat room, but Elon Musk has removed that limit. Users in that chat room shared the conversation live on YouTube, a smart way to record what was being said in the chat room.

What exactly does conversation mean? Is it similar to a podcast?

What is the Clubhouse

The answer to this question depends on your podcast settings, but keep in mind that Clubhouse users are talking to their phones, not fancy audio settings. They do not see each other, so what happens is really like listening to a phone call. There are no professional edits, sound effects, transfers or advertisements (at least formally) in conversations. The “style” of discussion is flexible: in one chat room, there may be a friendly conversation between two people, while in another room, there is a more formal interview, a large group discussion, or even music. If an exciting person enters the room, for example, a billionaire, the room host can put him as a speaker on the “stage”.

So I can only listen?

Not necessarily. Anyone who listens can virtually raise their hand to speak. It’s up to the host to let you talk.

So Clubhouse is more like a medium for podcasts?

In some ways, yes. Of course, you can use apps like Zoom or Google Meet without exchanging the image. But attending Zoom sessions is not open to the public by default. Listening to Clubhouse conversations is possible for any member who can access it, and there are no restrictions. Only limited virtual speech is available, which can only help those who have something valuable to say. Also, the lack of need to look at the screen during a conversation makes this app much better than current video calls.

What is the Clubhouse

At the end, who will use the Clubhouse the most?

Nowadays, Clubhouse is mainly used by people who like to say something but are reluctant to have an enthusiastic audience, such as celebrities who need an audience or want to listen to exciting conversations quietly. The Clubhouse can be an ointment for those who have to stay home and talk to others due to Qovid-19 restrictions. Due to its rapid growth and success in attracting the audience, this application can become a media that everyone is interested in using in their daily lives.

  Why is Clubhouse growing in popularity?


In this article, you will get acquainted with the Clubhouse podcast application and the details of its use. Do you need such a service? How do you think this service helps to develop your business? However, suppose you are interested in voice communication without displaying your image, and you want to participate in group conversations with your favourite topics. In that case, Clubhouse is a good choice for you. We suggest you read the articles, How to make money on Clubhouse and Clubhouse username. Please share your comments with us.

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