Nine apps alternative to the Clubhouse app

Best alternatives to the Clubhouse app; what are the best alternatives to the Clubhouse app? If you want to know similar apps to the Clubhouse, stay with Pinclubhouse.

Nine apps alternative to the Clubhouse app

The Clubhouse became popular sooner than we thought. At first, everyone was looking for its invitation, and only iPhones could use it, and now that Android has been added to its army. Also, there is no longer an invitation, and everyone can join it. But you can invite your friends to the Clubhouse to increase your followers. If you don’t know how to do this, click on the Clubhouse app invite.

At present, users talk to each other every hour of the day and night in Clubhouse chat rooms. We have already explained how to use Clubhouse. Click on it.

However, if the question comes to your mind that “is there any other app besides Clubhouse?”, We have to say yes. All of these voice-based social networks are unfortunately overshadowed by Clubhouse. But some, like Twitter and Telegram, are trying to push themselves further. Now let’s see what the features of each of these programs are. Also, read How to Make Money on Clubhouse.

In the Clubhouse, your profile picture plays an important role. Because this app is audio-based and other users can see only your profile picture. Click on Clubhouse profile maker to create an attractive profile picture.

Also, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader to download other people’s profiles in the Clubhouse with the highest quality and full size.

Twitter Spaces: The best alternative to the Clubhouse app

After the advent of the Clubhouse, many believed that Twitter should do it first. The reason is clear. The Clubhouse structure is similar to that of Twitter: everything is clear. However, the first person was the Clubhouse, and then Twitter took over and launched Spaces. You must have more than 600 followers to use this feature on Twitter. To start a conversation on Twitter, you have to click the Compose button and select Spaces. Twitter Spaces is like a public Clubhouse, and anyone can enter and listen to your conversation. However, you can specify who speaks in your Twitter conversation (everyone, the people you follow, or just the people invited).

Unlike Clubhouse, where many people can pick up a microphone and talk, currently, only ten people can do so on Twitter. The next point is that after the conversation, no conversation will be made public, but these conversations will be stored for 30 days so that if something unpleasant happens, you can use the information.

Finally, we should mention that protected Twitter accounts can’t use Spaces but can listen to or join chat rooms.

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Alternative to the Clubhouse app

Voice Chat Telegram

After Twitter, it was Telegram’s turn to introduce voice chat. This feature is defined inside the Telegram application and is not separate from it. To use Telegram Voice Chat, you must have a group or channel. The channel owner or group admin can create a voice chat.

Another difference between this part of the Telegram and the Clubhouse is that voice chat isn’t public, and not everyone can enter the conversation space. Of course, people can send group or channel links to others, and others can join through the link and use voice chat.


In the introduction of Clubhouse, we mentioned that this application has a podcast-like environment and is also known as a micro-podcast platform. Now, if we want to look for a similar application based on this feature of Clubhouse, we will reach Riffr. In the Riffr app, public conversations are known as riffr and are conversational. This means that when you speak, your audience can react instantly to what you are saying.

In Riffr, it is possible to search by topics. On the other hand, you can also convert audio files to video and share them on other social networks.

Alternative to the Clubhouse app


The spoon application has attracted 30 million users so far. In spoon you can also listen to public conversations and everything can be searched. You can create a music room or set up podcast-like meetings with friends in the spoon. However, whatever you want to do in the Clubhouse can be done in the spoon.

The thing about the spoon is the monitoring of conversations and chat rooms by the program’s creators. In fact, the spoon is like YouTube, but there is no image, and everything goes with the sound. Everything you look for can be found in the spoon: games, movies, daily life, music, etc.

Facebook Hotline

Facebook has also released a beta version of the Facebook Hotline, which is currently available in the US and is still in beta and error. Facebook has announced that the app will combine Clubhouse and Instagram Live. Of course, he also said that he uses Hotline in his other products such as Messenger, Facebook and Instagram.

Alternative to the Clubhouse app


Leher is the best alternative to the Clubhouse app among the programs we introduce. Its creators have worked hard to make their app look something like Clubhouse, or even “better than that,” according to the bold claim of the Indian show’s maker, Vikas Malpani.

In this app, users can make live audio and video calls in the created rooms, unlike the Clubhouse app, where calls are purely voice.

With the Leher app, you can search for your favourite topics and trends and join related groups and groups.

Unlike the Clubhouse app, where entry to the rooms is possible only through the invitation link, entry to the rooms in Leher is free for everyone, and there is no need for an invitation link. Some see it as an advantage of the program, while others criticize it because of this feature. They believe that there should be restrictions on the selection of members.

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Alternative to the Clubhouse app


Anchor is a completely free app that is an alternative to the Clubhouse app. You can create podcasts and share them with app users in this app. The Swedish company Spotify has developed and designed this program and has made it available to those who have just started working in podcast production.

These novices will receive an additional amount each time someone listens to their podcasts. Of course, they will have to include the ads sponsored by Anchor in their podcast.

The features and capabilities of the Anchor application include the following:

  • Ability to have audio files of the program listeners in the desired parts of the podcast
  • Ability to add background music
  • Ability to run the podcast with friends who live elsewhere (up to five people)
  • Ability to share podcasts on other platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts

Alternative to the Clubhouse app



FireSide is another program alternative to the Clubhouse app. Because of its features and capabilities, some people believe that it will shape the future of podcast production differently.

In Firefox podcasts, it is not the case that only one or more people who are the hosts of the program speak. Its users and listeners can also participate in podcast production and talk. Of course, the program itself has certain limitations and criteria in this regard, and only some listeners will be able to speak on podcasts.

Those who won’t speak can also comment using other program features, such as emojis or comments.

Currently, the beta version of this application is only available for iOS and isn’t yet designed for Android operating systems. Later this year, the company will make the full version and the special version of this operating system available to users.

Alternative to the Clubhouse app

Discord Stage Channels

Discord is an excellent alternative to the Clubhouse app, and if you only use it to chat or talk with friends while playing, you have missed many of its exciting and promising features.

Discord has recently added a new feature to this program called “Stage Channels”. You can invite app users to these channels and chat with them, just like what we see in the Clubhouse.

The capabilities and facilities of the program are very similar to the facilities of the Clubhouse. For example, those present on the channel as listeners can use the ability to raise their readiness to speak. The person in charge of managing and controlling the channel will receive this message and, if he/she deems fit, can allow the listener to speak.

The channel manager has other options: for example, he can return the person who is talking to the group of listeners, or for example, if he deems it appropriate to remove a user from the group, and other options such as. In the Clubhouse app, the room host has similar options, and in this respect, the two apps are very similar.

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If for any reason you can’t use the Clubhouse, or it is difficult for you to use it, you can use this application as a suitable alternative to the Clubhouse app.

Alternative to the Clubhouse app


Yac is another alternative to the Clubhouse app like the Clubhouse program designed and created to help companies with more telecommuting employees. In such cases, if all communication between employees is to be done by sending text messages, the possibility of them getting somewhere wrong or having a misunderstanding will increase.

Working with the Yak application is to record the audio file they want and send it to those who need it.

Another useful feature of this application is the possibility of holding voice appointments: employees and employers are present in the application at a certain time and hold their meetings by voice and remotely.

It is also possible to form a group for live chat, and if, for example, one of the employees or employers has an idea, he can create a group and consult with those who wish to do so.

Alternative to the Clubhouse app


Alternatives to the Clubhouse app that we introduced to you are very similar to this application. In terms of their capabilities and facilities. If you can’t use Clubhouse for any reason, you can use them as a suitable alternative. Of course, in the end, if you can use the Clubhouse itself, it will probably be better for you because of the growing popularity it has gained over the last year or two. Especially if you are a business owner, your goal in turning to these programs is to find an audience for your products or services. We also suggest you read the contents of Clubhouse Username, Change Clubhouse Username twice, Clubhouse Linux.

What is your opinion about the alternative to the Clubhouse app? How familiar are you with the introduced programs? What has been your experience using these programs? What feedback would you get if you compare apps to the Clubhouse app? You can tell your readers and us about your experiences and opinions if you wish.

Alternative to the Clubhouse app

FAQs of Alternative Clubhouse app

Can using alternatives to the Clubhouse app be as useful as using the app itself?

The Clubhouse has gained more popularity and credibility over the past year or two than similar programs; Therefore, attracting the audience and working will probably bring you better results.

Which one is better and more practical among programs like Clubhouse?

It isn’t possible to choose a program from the introduced titles, and each of these features and capabilities is unique to the program itself. Ultimately, everything will depend on the decision and needs of the user.

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