Instagram live video download

Some Instagram Lives are so practical and helpful that one wants to have them forever. However, downloading Instagram Live is one of the needs of users that Instagram has not responded to. But as always, there is a solution. Let’s find a solution together. This article will explain how to download live and save it ultimately.

What software is there to download Instagram Live?

Here we introduce you to some software to download live. In each part, we discussed the features and prepared the download link for easier access. Refer to how to put 60-second reels on Instagram stories.

Story Saver application for Android

This software is the most popular application for downloading Instagram Live among users. What are the exact features of this Story Saver?

Ability to download live Instagram

Ability to download IGTV

The possibility of downloading stories and highlights

The ability to download people’s profile photos

Ability to download photos and videos

Sharing posts on other social networks directly

How to download Instagram live with StorySaver?

1- Download the software from the link (Google Play).

2- Install the software

3- Log in to your Instagram account and software with your Instagram account.

4- Open the live section; the download sign is located at the bottom of the page.

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Instagram live video download

Download In Grabber software to download Instagram live

Another Android software used for downloading is In Grabber. What features does this software have? Refer to how to find blocked accounts on Instagram.

Download photos, videos and IGTV

The ability to repost videos and photos with captions

Ability to save the story

What to do to download live with In Grabber?

  • Download and install the application from Google Play

2- Click on the flash option at the top of the page and click Add Account option.

3- Enter your Instagram username and password and click the log-in option.

4- At the bottom of the screen, enter the Video section and the Live tab.

5- Click on the download icon to download live.

Google Chrome extensions to download live Instagram

If you plan to download live videos through your computer, you can take the help of plugins. In the following, we introduce a plugin for live download.

Save the IG Live Story plugin to download live.

1- Click the Add to chrome option at the top of the Chrome screen on the right side.

2- Enter your Instagram account and the desired live.

3- Click on the plugin icon.

4- You can see the Download option at the top of the left page.

5- Click on Get Downloader and download it.

6- Select the live storage location.

Record live Instagram with Android.

Apart from downloading Instagram live directly, you can record it while watching live. With this, you have live on your mobile. If you use Android devices such as Samsung and LG and your operating system is ten or higher, easily record live.

For this, you need to enable the recording option. To activate it, pull down the top of the mobile screen and activate the Screen Record option. Refer to Instagram post size in pixels.

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Instagram live video download

Attention! Attention! If this feature is not available on your device, you can do this by downloading and installing the AZ Screen Recorder software.

Record Instagram Live with iOS devices

iPhone devices can simultaneously record live. This feature is located in the quick access section. Note that your iPhone must be 11 or higher.

If you don’t see this option, follow the steps below to find it:

Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > Screen Recording

How to save your Instagram live in the gallery?

Once you’ve hosted a Life, you can save it to your gallery. How about After finishing the life and clicking on the End option, you will see the following image:

Instagram live video download

In this section, you must activate the share your video for the next 24 hours option to display the Save option. Now click on the Save option on Live’s top and right side. The video related to your life will be saved, depending on your internet speed; the video must be downloaded.

The number of users who have seen you live on this page is also available! Finally, by clicking on Share, your life will be saved in your profile for 24 hours, and users can see it.

A Note! If you don’t want to save your live video, click on the share your video for the next 24 hours option to disable it! Now tap Discard to exit the live screen.

Live Instagram is one of the most attractive features. Why? Because you can do many things with Instagram Live. From attracting customers and followers to increasing the interaction of page followers. Of course, to thoroughly learn how to work with Live, I suggest you read the article Everything you need to know about Instagram Live. Refer to how to see blocked accounts on Instagram.

How to save other people’s Instagram live?

Live Instagram is a prominent feature that allows users to record and play live videos, where they can record a video and send it to live on Instagram. When using Instagram, many of us like to save our favourite images and videos on our phones to access them whenever we need them.

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Live Instagram is no exception to this rule, and we have been looking for a practical way to save live videos. But since Instagram does not allow downloading and saving images and videos in the feed, story, IGTV, etc., it is necessary to use external programs designed for this purpose.

Other people’s Instagram live-saver app.

One of the methods used by users to save other people’s Instagram live from the beginning was to keep lives using screen recording programs, but this method brings problems. The quality of the video downloaded with this method is lower, and the volume of the video downloaded with this method is significant. There are two options for saving Instagram Live videos:

When the live video is playing live.

When the live video is finished, the user makes a story. Screen recording applications can be used to record live videos, and applications designed for this purpose can be used to download live story videos. The Android operating system is so flexible that you can find anything you want in its store. Therefore, beneficial programs have been designed and presented to help you download Instagram stories, photos and videos to bypass the limitations of Instagram.

  1. Reasons for not having live on Instagram Instagram live common questions?

One of the reasons for the lack of Insta Live is that your device is old, and your phone is not compatible with this feature.

  1. Methods to solve the problem of not having live on Instagram?

Here are some ways to ensure that the problem of not having Insta Live isn’t on your side. If these things do not work, the problem is probably Instagram, and you should wait.

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