How to Write WhatsApp Business Introduction Message

WhatsApp is a free messaging app that allows users to communicate with one another via text, voice, and video calls. Users can also send photos, videos, GIFs, and other files to each other. WhatsApp is encrypted, meaning that messages are secure and cannot be read by anyone other than the sender and recipient. The app also features end-to-end encryption, which further increases its level of security. Additionally, WhatsApp allows users to create group chats with up to 256 participants, making it easy to communicate with multiple people at once. Its messaging features include the ability to send voice messages, forward messages, and star important messages for later reference. Today, we are focusing on what WhatsApp business introduction messages are, what they are good for, and how to write one.


Steps on How to Activate WhatsApp Business Greeting Message

Open WhatsApp – Tap on the three-dots icon – Tap on “Settings” – Tap on “Business Tool” – Tap on “Greeting Message” – Tap on “Send Greeting Message” to activate the feature – Tap on “Greeting Message” to type what you want your message to be – Tap on “Recipients” to choose whom you want to receive this message – Done

What Is WhatsApp Business Welcome Message?

Ever got the feeling that all you need is a few words? Or that you want something like that guy standing at the entrance of the hotel, telling everyone they are welcome? That’s what these introduction messages are for. You can use them to make people feel at ease and welcome, and give a general description of what they need to know. Things like working hours, your responsibilities and services, and necessary information they need to provide are such examples.

Why Should You Use Welcome Messages on WhatsApp Business?

It’s quite simple really. I can easily count five different benefits of having a properly written welcome message.

  • First: You’d want people to feel at ease and welcome around you. It doesn’t matter what you do; when people feel at ease around you, they are more likely to do business with you!
  • Second: A properly set welcome message can boost your self-esteem. Every time you look at it, you get the feeling you got everything covered! This will help you greatly.
  • Third: Just like you, it’s effective on those who see it. Everyone would like to work with a professional, someone who knows what’s he doing. This message should make you sound exactly like a such person.
  • Fourth: It’s the perfect opportunity to share some information you might otherwise not get the chance to. A properly written welcome message provides you with the opportunity to win over your customer before they even talk to you.
  • Fifth: It helps you to speed things up! You might wonder how? Depending on what you do, you might need some information from the person you will be providing your services. You can ask them to provide this information in their message, so you won’t have to get back to them and ask them, then wait for their response.
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What Should a Good Welcome Message on WhatsApp Business Contain?

Your welcome message must contain certain things if you want to achieve the five benefits I mentioned above. I will now explain what you can do to achieve that effect. Feel free to add anything you think might be useful. Please note that you don’t have to use all of these points in your message at the same time. Depending on your need you might want to use only one of them, a combination of them, or even none of them! See for yourself which of them may be useful to you.

  • First: Don’t be too formal or too informal! It’s important that, when writing the welcome message, you strike a balance between being formal and informal. If you write an informal text, no one will take it seriously! If you write too formally, you can’t make people feel at ease. Remember, the most important thing is to speak formally, but in a way that makes them feel at ease!
  • Second: Don’t write too much. Try to be as informative as possible. Refrain from giving any unnecessary information. To achieve this effect, you might need the help of a professional. Sometimes, a few technical words or terms can do wonders.
  • Third: Don’t exaggerate! The last thing you’d ever want is for your client to think you tried to deceive them. Be precise. If you have to describe something, such as the quality of your services, describe them as they are. Not any more nor less than what they are!
  • Fourth: Depending on what services you are providing; you should also ask for any information that will help speed things up. Also, you can mention your working hours and briefly describe what exactly you do.

As I said earlier, It’s very important to look professional. You’d have to choose the right profile name and icon. It’s not just about your profile though. If you have any group, they must use a proper name and group icon. If you want to create a group, take a look at my guide “How to Change Group Name in WhatsApp” to learn how to create a group or change the name of an existing one. You can also learn how to change group icons in this guide: “How to Change WhatsApp Group Icon.”

Steps on How to Activate WhatsApp Business Greeting Message

Before I show you some examples of what a properly written WhatsApp greeting message looks like, I’m going to first teach you how to activate the feature and send these messages.

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Step 1:

First, you have to find and open WhatsApp on your phone. It looks like a white phone handle with a white circle around it and a green background behind it.

Step 2:

Once WhatsApp is opened, you should see a three-dot icon on the upper right side of your screen. Tap on it.

Step 3:

After tapping on the three-dots icon, a drop-down menu will open. From its options, tap on “Settings.”

Step 4:

Once on the “settings” page, look for an option name “Business Tool.” Tap on it. Then a page like this should show up for you. Under “Messaging Tools” tap, find, and tap on the “Greeting Message” option.

Step 5:

Once on the new page, first, tap on the option “Send Greeting Message” to activate the feature. Once it’s activated, tap on the option below it “greeting Message”,

Step 6:

Now it’s time to write your greeting message. Tap on the empty field with a sticker next to it to type your greeting message. You can also write it beforehand and just paste it here. If it helps, you can use the sticker as well. Remember that stickers and a sense of professionalism usually don’t go hand in hand. Tap on “OK” at the bottom of the page once you are done to proceed to the next step.

Step 7:

Once you tap on “OK”, you will be sent back to the page in step 5. Now choose the option called “Recipients” to select whom you want to receive your greetings, or whom you don’t want to receive them.

Looking for a More Professional Interface?

WhatsApp doesn’t offer you much in case you are looking to be a bit more professional and do something unique. However, there are some third-party sites out there you can pay a visit to and use their various tools. One such site is https://respond.io/. Why don’t you head there and see for yourself what the site has to offer?

WhatsApp Business Introduction Message Example

Now it’s time for some examples. Some of these examples are quite short, some are a bit longer. Most of them are specialized, meaning you can’t just randomly use them in every situation. The main goal here is to show you some examples and not to provide exactly what you need. If these are not what you need, then perhaps you need to write them yourself!

  • This example can be used as a response to a message for a support team.
    • Thanks for your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!
  • If you are responsible for customer service and shipment, these examples will be useful to you.
    • For Shipping Update:
      • Good news [Name]! Your business order has been shipped via [their requested shipping method]! You can follow your order via this [link].
    • Order Delivery:
      • Hi [name]. Your order [last order] has been delivered. Let us know your opinion about your order by rating it at [link].
    • Order Return:
      • Hi [name]. We are sorry that you didn’t love your order. Please reply to this message with your order serial number and we will refund you within 48 hours.
    • In case you need certain information for the process.
      • This is Alex here. Please include your account id and your shipment code along with your problem. I will get back to you ASAP! Have a nice day.
    • Or maybe you’d need to explain to them when you work.
      • This is Cassandra here. Thank you for choosing us! We respond to all requests every day from 7 am to 11 pm. Thank you for your understanding.

Remember that there are countless possible situations and each of them demand a different response. You may need to have different responses saved so you can copy and paste the right one for the occasion.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: Is WhatsApp the only option available for better communication with my customers?

            A: No, there are other dependable options out there. One of them is Instagram. You can create a business account there to do the same thing as here. Take a look at my other guide here for some insight on what you can share on your Instagram story for your business account: “Instagram Story Ideas for Business.”

Q: My WhatsApp doesn’t have a business option. What should I do?

            A: Please update you’re your WhatsApp to the latest version. If you’re on Android, visit Play Story; if you are on iPhone or iPad, visit App Store to receive the latest version.

Q: Where can I keep the prepared texts to copy them when I need them later?

            A: If you are on your phone, use the Android app “Notes”. You can keep the texts there and copy them any time you need. Newer versions of Android allow for multiple texts to be kept in the clipboard, so you can choose which one to paste depending on your need. If you are on Windows, then you can do the same with Microsoft Office Word. There are also some apps called “Macro” that you can use to bind a certain reply to a key on your keyboard. Upon pressing that key, the message will be automatically pasted in the place of your choosing.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging social platforms out there that offers many features including the ability to share media, have groups and channels, and have a status set among other things. It also allows you to switch an account to business mode, making it a suitable platform for both friendly and business-related groups. It’s very important to use a proper introduction message for your business. It can boost your productivity massively. Today, I explained what the benefits of using this feature are, what you should consider when writing them, how you can activate the feature on WhatsApp, and how to write one, and I provided you with some examples. Hope you found this guide useful. Good luck!

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