How to find random lives on Instagram?

You could search and watch the live videos of individuals you follow on Instagram. At the front of your Instagram feed, you’ll notice people you follow who really are live broadcasting. Whenever anyone goes live on Insta, their profile picture is emblazoned with the word “LIVE.” By clicking on their profile photo, you may see them in real-time. You won’t be able to see random live videos at the top of your Instagram feed if you’re looking for them. Although you see only live videos of individuals you follow at the top of your stream, this is the case. In this guide, you’ll discover how to find, search, browse, and watch top and random Instagram live videos/live streams.

How to find random lives on Instagram?

Before reading this guide, take a look at how to get back into your Instagram account. Watch an IGTV video and then press “Browse IGTV” to locate live videos on Instagram. You’ll be allowed to see random lives on Insta after tapping “Browse IGTV.” To see additional live videos, tap “See All,” and a grid list will appear. You can look for an IGTV video by searching for the hashtag #IGTV. Then, to watch any video with the IGTV icon, touch on it. You won’t be able to explore IGTV if you watch a non-IGTV video. Remember that live videos may not always appear. This is because not many people utilize Instagram to live stream. If this is the case, you should return in a few hours.

To watch the live videos on Instagram, follow these six steps:

Look up “IGTV” on Search part.

How to find random lives on Instagram?

If you haven’t already, open Insta and login into your account.
Multiple icons can be found on the bottom navigation bar.
A home symbol, a search sign, a plus icon, and other icons are included.
To get to the explore page, tap the search symbol in the bottom navigation bar.
A search box can be found at the top of the search results page.
Use the search bar to look for “IGTV.”
After that, tap “Tags” to display only hashtag search results.
Then, tap the IGTV hashtag (#igtv) to see all posts with the hashtag. If you want to know more about finding some users with their username, click on how to find someone on Instagram without their username.

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Select an IGTV video to watch.

How to find random lives on Instagram?

After tapping on the IGTV hashtag, a grid list of posts with the IGTV hashtag will appear.
You must now locate an IGTV video.
The IGTV icon appears next to an IGTV video.
Select an IGTV video (that has the IGTV icon).
You won’t be able to explore IGTV videos if you watch a non-IGTV video.

Watch the video on IGTV.

How to find random lives on Instagram?

It will grow after you tap on an IGTV video.
You’ll notice a “Watch IGTV video” option if the video is an IGTV video.
The “Watch IGTV video” option will not appear if the video is not even an IGTV video.
You must now expand the video once more.
To do so, go to “Watch IGTV video” and select “Fullscreen.”

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Select “Browse IGTV” from the menu.

How to find random lives on Instagram?

The video will enlarge after you hit on “Watch IGTV video.”
You may now watch the video in fullscreen mode.
A “Browse IGTV” option can be found in the bottom right corner of the video.
To access IGTV, tap “Browse IGTV.”
It will allow users to view random Instagram live videos and streams.

Select “See All” from the drop-down menu.

You’ll be taken to the IGTV page after tapping “Browse IGTV.”
There are some headers on the IGTV page.
“Live Now” and “Videos For You” are examples of this.
You’ll find recommended IGTV videos under the “Videos For You” header.
You’ll find odd live videos on Insta under the “Live Now” header.
There’s also a “See All” option beside it.
To see those live videos on Instagram, choose “See All.”
Remember that the “Live Now” feature may not appear at all times.
This is because few people use Instagram to live stream.
If you don’t see it right away, wait a few hours and try again.

To know more about finding someone with an IP address, tap on how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram.

Watch a variety of live videos.

How to find random lives on Instagram?

You’ll see a grid list of random Instagram live videos after tapping “See All.”
The lives at the top of the list usually receive the most views.
Put another way, and the most well-known lives are now at the top of a list.
As you move down on the list, the number of views decreases.
To watch a live video, select it from the list.
You’ve mastered the art of finding and watching live videos on Insta!

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Because you must explore IGTV videos to find live videos on Instagram, it is difficult. Because Instagram currently lacks a “Top Live Videos” function, you won’t be able to find popular live broadcasts easily.
You could tap on someone’s profile image to see their live video if you’re following them on Instagram. If their profile photo does not say “Live Now,” they are not currently live broadcasting on Instagram. Remember that the “Live Videos” section does not always appear. Also, read how to get an inactive Instagram username. If it doesn’t appear after a few hours, come back because more users are live streaming. Please share your comment with us.


How do you go about following random people on Instagram?

The best way to view random Instagram lives is to use the “Lives” app. You may use Lives to find people who are actively streaming their lives, and it will then offer you all the live videos which are currently being aired. Make your new live video as well.

How do you go live on Instagram?

Instant Live is a new tool that lets you broadcast your story in real-time to most of your followers. Open the Instagram app and tap the “Live” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to go live. By tapping the “Who Can See This?” button, you can pick who could see your live video. By pressing the button and choosing who you wish to follow you.

Can others see your face when you go live on Instagram?

Your face is exposed to the public when you want to go live on Instagram. When you go live, small thumbnails of your face are displayed in the corner of your video so viewers can know who is transmitting; this is the case.

How can you sneak a peek at someone’s Instagram stories?

There are a couple of ways to view someone’s Instagram stories sneakily. You might just wait for them to post their article and then watch it on your timeline. The disadvantage is that the narrative will be lost after 24 hours. Another option is to utilize Story Reposter, a free tool. This application lets you save a video of someone’s tale and then submit it as your own.

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What’s the deal with Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is a new tool that allows you to televise videos from your phone to anyone with the app. After the live videos have concluded, you can share them on your story or as a post.

Until you go to broadcast a video, you’ll be asked to give it a title and a description of what you’ll be doing in it.

How long is Instagram active?

Instagram is a web-based application. You can’t touch, feel, or smell it; all you can do is look at it. It is not a consumable item that can be consumed and then discarded like food or drink.

As a guest, how can you watch an Instagram live?

To participate in an Insta live as a guest, open the app and tap the “live” icon. It will bring you to a page where you can select your username and the name of the current broadcasting user. Tap “join” after you’ve entered their username. You must then see yourself on the screen as a visitor.

When someone asks you to be a part of their Instagram story, what does it signify?

It indicates that the individual wants to post your photographs and videos to their Instagram account.

When viewing a live feed, are they able to hear you?

Live streaming is a type of digital broadcasting that allows viewers to interact with the content. It gives individuals a great method to share and watch real-time videos of activities taking place at the end of the planet. With this technology, viewers may interact with the video feed as conversing with someone.

It also has unique features like chat rooms and online forums during which users can discuss what they see with others who saw the same show.

Is it possible for someone to see how many times you watched their Instagram story?
No, this function will not notify a user that they are the topic of a tale. The narrator can look at the story timeline and look for their username, but there will be no indication that they are the story’s topic.

This function can record events or conversations with friends and strangers without fear of exposed personal information.

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