How to Download Instagram Reels 4 Simple Ways

The best way to download or save Insta Reels so you may share them on another platform or keep it for a rainy day is explained in this guide.

Reels have become one of Instagram’s most well-liked and exciting types of content since their debut in 2020. Because Instagram’s algorithm loves video content and Reels are more likely to reach huge audiences than static posts, the platform makes uploading Reels worthwhile for marketers and creators. Also, tap on the top 10 Instagram followers in the world.

You’ll notice that there isn’t a built-in option that would enable you to download Instagram Reels for use as inspiration, future reference, or on another platform. But don’t panic. There are lots of workarounds. Continue reading to find out how to download Reels from those other users to your smartphone.

Downloading Instagram Reels is possible.

Yes, Insta Reels can be downloaded to give a quick answer.

Your own Insta Reels are simple to download to your smartphone from your account. You will need to put in a bit more effort if you want to take content from someone else’s Instagram page. There are a couple of simple ways to get around the fact that you can’t download Reels from other users’ public accounts using Instagram’s native features. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

How to Download Instagram Reels 4 Simple Ways

4 ways to download Instagram Reels 2022

The following methods will help you download content from Reel videos to your phone. Also, read how to write an Instagram bio in bold.

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How to obtain your personal Instagram Reels

Imagine you previously uploaded a video to Instagram Reels, and now you want to share it with your LinkedIn followers or utilize it for a newly formed TikTok channel. How to get your own live Insta Reels is provided below.

Go to your Instagram account, click the Reels tab, and open the app.

Once you’ve found the Reel you wish to save, click it to start the video in full-screen mode.

Click the three dots in the bottom right corner to open the menu—Select Save to Camera Roll. Your device will immediately store the video.

How to obtain your personal Instagram Reels

You’ve now successfully downloaded your Insta Reel to your phone. Pretty simple, yes?

How to get iPhone Instagram Reel videos

We already mentioned that there isn’t a built-in method for downloading other users’ Reels on Instagram. Also, tap to get followers on Instagram.

Screen record

You can record your screen while viewing your Instagram feed on your iPhone as one way to save a video.

Go to Settings, select Control Center, and then add Screen Recording to Included Controls to begin screen recording. Also, read more about losing followers on Instagram. When you move your finger down from the top right corner of your home screen, the control panel that appears will appear, making it simple to use the feature:

Screen record

Launch the Instagram after you’re finished, then find the video you want to record and start it playing. You can then visit Control Center by swiping down from the top of your screen, opening the record button, and taking the necessary notes. The screen recorder from Apple also captures audio!

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Your camera roll will instantly update with the crisp footage once you’ve finished filming. From there, you’ll be able to cut the movie to the length you need.

Screen record1

Utilize an outside app

While you may simply capture video by recording your screen, using third-party apps may be your best option for swiftly capturing the footage you need to your device. For iOS, InstDown and InSaver are popular choices.

On Android, how to get Instagram Reels.

There are two fast ways to download Reels from Instagram to your Android device. Also, we suggest your read the best unfollowers app for Instagram.

Screen Record

Take a screen recording video as your initial action. To use the Screen Recording button, just slide down from the top of your screen. After choosing the Reel, you want to record, just sit back and wait for your phone to do its magic.

All left to do is head over to the Camera app, tap Library, and select Movies once you’ve secured the footage. There, you’ll locate your recording. It can be cut down to contain the reel footage merely.

Utilize an outside app

Similar to iOS, you may avoid the hassle of cutting your screen recordings each time a Reel is downloaded by using a third-party program. These options have been tried:

  • Reels Video Downloader for Instagram
  • AhaSave Video Downloader
  • ETM Video Downloader

Simply copy the URL to the Reel you want to download & put it into the program using these tools. Then you simply click a Download button to finish.

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Bonus: You can download Instagram Stories using some of these apps.

How to install Instagram Reels on a computer

You might want to download a Reel directly to a desktop computer if you want to edit or color-correct a video using more powerful tools. You can easily download or screen record Reels to your desktop using various third-party programs, whether you use a Mac or a PC. The following choices are offered in no particular order:

  • Loom
  • Camtasia
  • OBS Studio
  • QuickTime (built-in iOS feature)

Saving a Reel for later (Instagram’s equivalent of bookmarking) may be preferable to downloading it and using up your phone’s limited storage space if you don’t intend to re-post it to another site.

You can compile your favorite snippets into one organized, simple-to-access folder by adding Insta Reels to your Saved collection (or inspiration for your future content).

Here’s how to save Reels on Instagram:

Click the three dots icon in the lower right corner of the screen after opening the Reel you wish to save.

Click Save. Whenever you see this pop-up in the middle of your screen, you’ll know it was successful.

How to install Instagram Reels on a computer

Go to your profile page and click the three horizontal lines (also known as the hamburger icon) in the upper right corner of the screen to access your saved collection. Then select Saved.

You’ll see three tabs in your Saved folder at the top of your screen. Go to the Reels page to view all the videos you have saved. View and delight!

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