How many photos can post on Instagram

How you add or choose several photographs for a post on Instagram has lately undergone some adjustments. Many people began to question why Instagram won’t allow me to submit several photographs, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here is a quick hack you may use to select several photographs for your Instagram story if you want to add more than one photo, but the multiple picture selection buttons aren’t there, or it’s been removed.

Aside from all the flashy extras, Instagram’s simple, scrollable feed, which is filled with updates from your friends and the people you follow, has been the main factor in its popularity.

People connect and share glimpses of their lives by uploading images and videos to the feed.

It’s simple enough to post one picture. However, if there are several photos, publishing each one at a time can get tedious. A flurry of photographs not only ruins an otherwise well-maintained feed but also dangerously approaches the spam zone.

Posting all of those images in a single post is a preferable approach. Here are all the methods for adding several photographs to a post using the app or a computer. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

How many photos can you post at once on Instagram 2022?

You can currently only upload ten photographs to a post on Instagram. This implies that you are always capped at ten images regardless of how you use photos in your carousel posts. You should also be aware that you cannot add new photographs to a post after publication. Make sure to enter all of your desired photographs before clicking “Post” or “Publish” if you wish to add several photos to a post.

Has Instagram deleted a lot of pictures?

No, adding numerous photographs to an Instagram story or Post is simple. But whether you like it or not, the option for selecting several photographs is changing in some way.

The many buttons are no longer present on the iPhone, but they are still on Android today. Don’t worry; you can easily restore the multiple choices by tapping and holding on to any of your images. Jump to the first guide below to discover how to add numerous photographs to your Instagram post because we have everything covered.

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How to use the Instagram app to upload several photographs to a single post

It keeps things simple for you and your followers whose feeds the Post will display if you add many photographs to a single post. Here’s how to use the app to accomplish that.

Method #1: From the home page of your Instagram feed

The first technique is the simplest native way to submit numerous photographs. Tap on the “+” icon in the top left corner of Instagram after opening it.

photos can post Instagram

To access the Post tab, swipe up from the bottom of the page.

photos can post Instagram

Click on “Select several” here. Simply touch and hold any image on your device to restore the many selections if you discover multiple buttons are missing. Yes, it is now somewhat obscured.

photos can post Instagram

You can select numerous photos for your Post since this will add a small circle to the corner of the images. You can add images by tapping on them.

photos can post Instagram

Based on the number assigned to them, the images will be added. However, you can always select/de-select something and change the order.

When you are finished choosing, click the arrow in the upper right corner.

photos can post Instagram

You could add filters to your photographs on the next screen.

photos can post Instagram

Click on the white circle on a picture to get additional editing options.

photos can post Instagram

You have some options to edit and add finishing touches to the image here under the “Edit” tab.

photos can post Instagram

Once you are finished editing, click the tick in the upper right corner.

photos can post Instagram

To access other photographs and make any desired edits, swipe left or right. When finished, press the top right arrow.

photos can post Instagram

You may now add a location, tag individuals, and write a caption. Finally, touch the tick in the upper right corner to post.

photos can post Instagram

Your Post with multiple photos is now live.

Second method: using your profile page

On your profile page, you can publish multiple photographs in addition to this.

photos can post Instagram

In the lower right corner of the screen, tap on the icon for your profile.

photos can post Instagram

Click the plus sign (+) beside your username at the top of the page.

photos can post Instagram

Click Feed Post.

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You will now see the same screen where you can select numerous images simultaneously. The procedures for posting multiple photographs follow the same pattern from this point on.

Method 3: Use Instagram’s Layout app to make a collage.

Once you know the steps, adding several photographs to a post is not too difficult. What happens, though, if you want to combine several images into one collage? One can achieve this by using the “Layout” option in Instagram Stories. But postings don’t have such a choice.

The Instagram Layout app can be used to achieve that, though.

Once the app is installed, touch on the pictures you wish to use for your collage while keeping Gallery highlighted at the bottom of the screen. A single layout can have a total of nine pictures.

photos can post Instagram

It’s now time to decide on the layout. To gently enlarge the layout window, drag it downward. After then, swipe left to see the available layouts. Tap the one you prefer when you find it.

photos can post Instagram

This will take you to the Edit screen, where you may change your photographs, mirror them, flip them, and add borders.

photos can post Instagram

When finished, click Save in the top-right corner. Your Camera Roll will receive the collage.

photos can post Instagram

Click Instagram.

photos can post Instagram

Next, feed.

photos can post Instagram

Your browser will now take you to Instagram’s New Post page. The arrow in the top right corner should be tapped.

photos can post Instagram

From this point on, the procedure is the same as before. So feel free to edit and share your images as usual.

How to upload multiple photos to Instagram from a computer

Even though Instagram doesn’t permit the desktop posting of photographs and stories, there are a few ways to realize this potential. Enabling DevTools in your browser provides a quick way to add images to your computer. But since you can only add one photo at a time, we must go elsewhere. Here are some techniques for adding several photographs from your desktop to a post.

First way: using Facebook Creator Studio

You need the following to upload photos via the Fb Creator Studio method:

Facebook page

page on Facebook

Instagram user or company profile (steps mentioned below).

Your Instagram is linked to your Facebook page (steps given below).

You can use Facebook Creator Studio for Insta if you match these conditions. If you don’t know how to link your Facebook page to a Creator or Business account, don’t worry.

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Log in at Facebook Creator Studio. Next, select the Instagram symbol located at the top.

photos can post Instagram

If you haven’t already, click Connect Your Account.

photos can post Instagram

After that, log into Instagram. You will be prompted to switch to a creator or business account if you don’t already have one.

Change to an Instagram business or creator account

photos can post Instagram

Start the Instagram app and select the profile icon in the bottom right to accomplish this.

Then tap on the top right corner’s three horizontal lines.

photos can post Instagram

Select Settings.

photos can post Instagram

Next, Account.

photos can post Instagram

Click on Change to Professional Account after scrolling down.

photos can post Instagram

Choose either “Creator” or “Business” when you arrive at the Creator page. Then select Next.

photos can post Instagram

Link your Instagram to your Facebook page

You must connect your Fb page to your Insta once you’ve created it. To do this, tap the Instagram profile symbol.

Next, select Edit Profile.

Tap Page under “Profile Information.”

Simply select Connect a Current Page.

Select Continue to configure the Accounts Centre after verifying the two linked accounts.

After configuring the Accounts Centre, choose your Fb page and tap Done.

photos can post Instagram

Return to Creator Studio on your PC at this point and select “Try again to connect to Instagram.”

photos can post Instagram

You’re set up and prepared to start posting from your PC (with several photographs). Click Create Post to start.

The Instagram feed option should be used.

Next, select Add content.

Next, select From file upload.

Click on Open after browsing and choosing the images you wish to include in your carousel post.

You can select the photographs’ order in the Post by clicking on the numbers after uploading them. With the options provided under each image, you may add tags, modify the image’s dimensions, or even delete them.

Click Publish in the lower right corner after adding a caption to your article.

That’s all, then! From your computer, you upload a multi-image post to Instagram.


Each of these was the method for posting a carousel post or several photographs on Instagram. Although there are other ways to do this as well, they have been purposely avoided because they prevent you from posting many photographs to a post at once. In any case, we hope that you can do so on both your computer and your phone. Please share your comment with us.

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