How can a teacher use Clubhouse for class?

Teachers use Clubhouse; Are you a teacher and want to use the Clubhouse for teaching? So join Pinclubhouse to talk about Clubhouse for teachers.

How can a teacher use Clubhouse for class?

Clubhouse for teachers

A new social network that is a familiar name to Internet users these days has surprisingly seen an increase in the number of users; But how to use Clubhouse? Click on it for more information.

The list of popular social networks has remained intact for a long time recently. The audio-based social media called “Clubhouse”, thanks to some controversial interviews with Elon Musk, saw a jump of more than ten million users and took place in the list of popular social networks.

The Clubhouse doesn’t have a complicated structure, but it does require explanations on how to register, use, and moderate the rooms; In the continuation of this article, stay tuned to Pinclubhouse to get more acquainted with this new social network.

What is the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app is a voice chat social network. It was founded in April 2020 by Alpha Exploration by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. In December 2020, there were about 600,000 users; But now it has more than 10 million weekly users. Also, native people such as doctors, teachers, university professors, etc., are using it.

One of the reasons for the sudden popularity of Clubhouse is the presence of influential people such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Drake and Kevin Hart. Along with their presence in the Clubhouse rooms, they led a flood of fans to this audio-based social network. The official Clubhouse app version is now available for Android and iOS‌ platforms. Also, if you want to have the Clubhouse for your Linux and PC, click on the relevant link.

Clubhouse PC, Clubhouse Linux

Clubhouse for teachers


Clubhouse: a good choice for teachers

As we said in the Clubhouse, you can communicate live with others. If you are a teacher, you can communicate and teach live with your students in this app. The first thing you need to do is make a room. And then send an invitation to your students. If you don’t know how to do this, click on the Clubhouse app invite. In this article about Clubhouse for teachers, we will teach you how to make a room.

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Clubhouse for teachers

Complete your profile

In the Clubhouse, as in other social networks, the profile is an important part, which doubles if you intend to be active in the Clubhouse, such as teaching in the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse doesn’t seem to have any problem with the growth of other social networks. Because in this part, if you want to link your Instagram and Twitter profile to the Clubhouse profile, in this case, the main part of your profile, such as profile picture and bio, will be completed automatically. But keep in mind that because you are a teacher and your students have access to your profile picture, be sure to choose a suitable profile picture. Click on Clubhouse profile maker to create a suitable profile picture. In the following, we will talk about Clubhouse for teachers and how to use it.

Clubhouse for teachers


Also, if you want to download your students’ profile pictures in high quality and full size and want to know more about them, click on Clubhouse profile downloader.

The bio section is critical to you. Suppose a student clicks on your profile in a room. In that case, he/she will see only a part of your profile, including the profile picture and the first three lines of the bio. If you swipe up, he/she can see your full profile, including the full text of your bio and username on other social networks. This highlights the importance of the first three lines of your resume in the Clubhouse app, which can lead to attracting or rejecting others at first glance at your profile.

How to use Clubhouse? (Clubhouse for teachers)

Clubhouse generally doesn’t have a complex user interface; Hallway is the main feed of the rooms that the app shows you to enter one of your favourite rooms if you want. In the top bar of the Clubhouse app, you can access your profile, incoming notifications, rooms, invitation page, and Explore, and you can start from the bottom menu. In the following, we will deal with the different parts of the Clubhouse user interface in more detail and Clubhouse for teachers.

You will see rooms displayed on the home page due to people or topics of your choice.

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Clubhouse for teachers


Clubhouse for teachers; How to make a Clubhouse room for class?

How to create a room in the Clubhouse for teachers is to make a room at the same time that we can’t share or create a room for a specific date in the future so that we can share our room link and inform others.

In the first method of making a room in the Clubhouse for teachers, we go to the bottom of the Home page of the Clubhouse, and by pressing the green button, our room-making process begins.

Now you have to choose the type of room for Your class.

By creating a public room, you allow all users to become members of your room.

Clubhouse for teachers

If you have a small number of students, you can make a social room for them to come to your room and start a conversation.

If you want to expand the circle of these people, for example, people other than your students, to join your room, it is enough to moderate someone else so that his/her followers can join this room. You can click on increase Clubhouse followers to get more followers so that more people come to your room.

The last option is private rooms where you have to invite the people you want to join your room. You can choose this option if you want the class to be held in a completely private way, and no one can enter your room. Of course, you can turn this room into the previous two modes whenever you want.


After selecting the room type, you must also enter your room topic, and if your room is private, choose the people you want to invite and choose the final option. There is a notification for invitees to join you whenever they see it.

Clubhouse for teachers

There are some things to keep in mind when making a room in the Clubhouse for teachers.

For example, you can invite someone to your room by touching the + icon while holding the room. Click the top three dots on the right and press the end room option to end the room. It is also possible to add a moderator here.

There is also another way to make a room in the Clubhouse for teachers, which we will introduce below.

How to make a room in the Clubhouse for teachers: The second way

To create an event for a room, you can do this:

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First, click on the calendar icon and specify the name and date of our room with the + sign.

You can also select moderators and guests, start dates and times, and share the link through different social networks.

You can give this event to your mobile calendar or Google Calendar to remind you in due time. To do this, select the Add to Cal option and add it to the Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

You can also edit such events. To do this, click on the calendar icon at the top of the page, click Upcoming for You, then click “My Events”.

Finally, a few minutes before the event’s start, click on the start a room option and create a room.

Clubhouse for teachers


Learning how to use Clubhouse rooms

By selecting a room with a title or members you find interesting, you will enter that room as a listener. Before you request to speak in rooms, explain the user interface and user experience details.

Rooms in the Clubhouse are generally divided into two sections, “Speakers” and “Audience”. The Speaker is for those on the room stage and can start speaking whenever they wish. The Audience also includes people who are currently just listeners.

The listeners of each room are displayed to the users in two categories; First, listeners who at least one person on stage follows, and listeners who no one on stage follows.

Clubhouse for teachers



In this article, we talked about the Clubhouse for teachers and how to use it for class. If you are a teacher, you can easily use this app for teaching with the above tutorials and tips. We hope you find this helpful article. Please share your questions and comments about Clubhouse for teachers with us.

Clubhouse for teachers


What is the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a social network where users communicate only through voice.

How to register in the Clubhouse?

You need a phone number and username to register in the Clubhouse.

Is there the Android version of the Clubhouse?

Yes, the Android version of Clubhouse has been released and is available to all users.

How can teachers use the Clubhouse for class?

As we said, during the corona-virus and online classes, the need for these apps is really felt.

With the capabilities of the Clubhouse, such as live voice chat, it is a good option for teaching. Read the above to use Clubhouse for teaching.

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