How to end a room on clubhouse?

Today in Pinclubhouse, we review the popular and new Clubhouse application. The exciting thing was that the exchange of information in this app is only through audio! So what is its advantage and what capabilities does it have ?! In this article, I will tell you about the training of 0 to 100 clubhouse. We will also talk about ending the Room, so stay tuned.

What is Clubhouse?! (0 to 100 of Clubhouse)

The Clubhouse is an application for participating in conversations, interviews between people with various topics. This application was released in April 2020. The creators of this program are Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth.

This application has been created and published for iOS and Android operating systems so far; This app has various rooms and virtual clubs, each of which deals with different topics. If you do not know how to use it, click on How to use Clubhouse.

What is the symbol of Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse does not have an official logo. A black and white portrait image that changes every time is the logo of this app. Contrary to the old tradition that the logo was fixed, this constant change is a new deconstruction.

Usually, the logo images are of people who have had a significant impact on the app, or at least people Clubhouse believes and a deep understanding of the app.

Each symbol in the club is updated and changed after a few weeks. However, this deconstruction is not to some liking because it is difficult to find the program on the phone.

What is the difference between voice sharing in Clubhouse and a podcast?
Podcasts are generally referred to as sounds that have been edited, edited, and published by audio editing software. Meanwhile, in the Clubhouse, the sound is broadcast live without editing.

Also, the sound can’t be recorded, and this is one of the important rules of the Clubhouse. This law was interesting to you! Now, After this brief history about Clubhouse, I want to give you more information about this app, so stay tuned.

difference between voice sharing in Clubhouse and a podcast

What topics are covered in the Clubhouse?!

After installing the program, a page full of different topics will be provided for you to talk about and follow. The topics covered in this application, such as Instagram and other social networks, are diverse and varied.

Is it possible to save sound in the Clubhouse?

Once a room is set up, people enter or leave the group. Therefore, every person enters Room at any time and goes whenever he wants. Another point is that recording audio is against the rules of Clubhouse.

Therefore, if you try to record audio and video in the Clubhouse by third-party applications, a warning message will be displayed for you.

If a person in Room is issuing you to spread his voice, your Account and knowledge will be closed. This law is for the comfort of the audience and freedom of expression without any fear. For more information, you can read the article, Record Clubhouse Room.

save sound in the Clubhouse

What are the negatives about Clubhouse?

A common mistake that all social networks make in the beginning is the lack of information sharing.

  important room on clubhouse you should follow that

Sharing malicious information for children and adolescents or promoting immoral behavior are some things that, fortunately, in October, guidelines and rules were set for using this app.

The general belief is that users should be trusted and know that they are not stupid and do not publish malicious content in an open space; But unfortunately, idiots are always there.

This application was blocked on February 8, 2021, in China. The reason for this is the lack of freedom of expression, which is what Clubhouse is fundamentally tricky with. Other disadvantages of this application include:
• Lack of call support.
• Lack of support for sending videos or photos.
• Lack of support for live audio recording.

One feature that was not available in Clubhouse in the past and was a negative point, but was recently added, is sending private messages to other users. We will explain more about this feature in the following.

Clubhouse text chat

As we mentioned, the text chat feature has been added to the Clubhouse for some time. To send a private or direct message to someone, you have to enter the Hallway home page and then, according to the image shown above, touch the arrow icon to enter the private message section.

When you enter this section, touch the pencil icon in the right corner of the image to create a new conversation, and then select the person you want so that you can send him a private message.

In this section, you can select multiple contacts and create a group instead of one.

Clubhouse text chat

In the chats section, you will see a bar called Requests. Whenever a follower is not your follower sends you a message, their message is displayed in this section. If you do not know what a follower is or how to increase the follower, touch Clubhouse followers.

It is better to know that it is not possible to delete the message in the Clubhouse. You can not delete a single note or the entire chat. So it is better to be careful when creating a conversation and sending a message.

Also, in the Direct Clubhouse section, you can only send text messages, and you can not send photos and videos. That is why Bio Clubhouse is so important. If you want to know more, click on Clubhouse Bio.

delete the message in the Clubhouse

One of the highlights of Club Rosa these days is making money from Clubhouse. For more information, you can take a look at Make money on Clubhouse.

How to delete a Clubhouse account?

Note that if you delete your account, you will not log in with the same number or username until 30 days later. You should send an email to

Fortunately, following the protest of the users of this application, now if you are using the iOS version of this app, go to Settings -> Account -> Disable Account, deactivate your Account in this app.

delete a Clubhouse account

Clubhouse rules

Each social network sets its own rules for the good and appropriate management of user-generated content. Clubhouses are no exception to this rule. In this section, we will explain some of the laws of this social network.

Clubhouse creates a Shadow profile for people who have not used the app before but are on the social network’s audience list.
If a user violates the rules of the Clubhouse, he will be deprived of all user facilities and membership in Clubhouse rooms. Anyone who invites him to Room will also be fined. if you want to know more about the invitation touch invite to Clubhouse.

When installing this program, the only requested access permission for this program is to access the microphone. It is one of the critical features of this program in securing your information as much as possible.

In general, this social network has strict rules on privacy and freedom of expression. For example, if you want to record the voice of one of the users in the Room, you will be automatically sent a message to avoid recording.

Clubhouse rules

Android version of Clubhouse

The Android version of the Clubhouse app has been officially released for some time, and you can download it from google play or any other app download app.

  Introducing the app Clubhouse Android

Room in the Clubhouse

As you know, Clubhouse is a voice-based social network. In this social network, there are many voice chat rooms with various topics called chat rooms.

The Rooms are divided into public and private rooms for chatting with family, friends, and acquaintances. But there is no limit to the number of public rooms that can accommodate more groups.

Create a room

To quickly launch a room, tap Start a Room from the main menu. In this section, you will be asked to select your room type. There are generally three types of Rooms in Clubhouse:

• open Room
• Social Room
• Closed Room

But what is the difference between these Rooms?!

Open Room All clubhouse users have the opportunity to participate in this Room.
The social Room is only available to the people you follow.
Closed Room is only available to people you invite to Room.
After selecting the room type, select the let’s go option, then tap the + Add a topic option and choose your room theme.
The subject of Room is precisely the name of the event used when planning Room and has a limit of 60 letters or characters. Note that once the event starts, you will no longer be able to edit its name.

In the case of closed Rooms, we must add someone to Room before starting. To add a person to Room, you must tap (Choose people) and search for and add.

difference between clubhouse rooms

Close the Room in the Clubhouse

It can be said that one of the most challenging parts of the Clubhouse is the ending Room. One way to close the Room is to tap on the three small dots at the top of the screen.
But do not forget to thank everyone for attending the Room before closing the Room and announce the next meeting time (if any); Then select the End Room option.
Another way is to leave Room as the only performer. You will then be asked to finish Room.

But if someone is silent and says, “I want to take over Room, that Room can continue to work for days as long as it has at least one observer.” In addition, you can go back to the rumor you left as a performer.

Close the Room in the Clubhouse

Since you have set up Room, you will always be in the upper left corner, and you can regain control every time you return to Room.

When you open the Clubhouse, the platform shows several rooms that you may be interested in joining.

If you come across a room that you do not want to see again, in the continuation of the article with Pinclubhouse, learn how to hide a Room in Clubhouse in a visual way, you dear ones.

Steps to hide Room in Clubhouse
Step 1: On the Clubhouse home screen, tap and hold the Room you want to hide until the menu appears.

Step1 to hide Room in Clubhouse

Step 2: Tap “Hide this room.” It will take the Room out of your home screen.

Step2 to hide Room in Clubhouse

If you change your mind immediately, you can tap “Undo” to leave the Room.

Steps to hide Room in Clubhouse

How to remove a room in the Clubhouse?

You may have mistyped a room, resigned from running a room, or for any reason, wanted to remove the Room from the Clubhouse account. By examining the various parts of the Clubhouse app, you will not find a way to remove the Room or club you created. So, where is the solution?

Steps to remove Room from Clubhouse

Steps to remove Room from Clubhouse

Clubhouse, in the site version, has provided the possibility of deleting Room for moderators. To remove Room in the Clubhouse, follow these steps:

• Log in to the Clubhouse website.
• Go to the Submit a request page.
• Enter the email address with which you created the Clubhouse account in the Email field.
• Enter the username you registered with Clubhouse.
In the next section, you should specify what your request is about. To delete the Room, you must select the Managing a club option.

  Why is Clubhouse growing in popularity?

The following section will ask about your request. Select Close or Remove a Club.

In the Summary section, explain very briefly why you decided to remove the Room.

In the last section, if you have a document, image, and… related to the request, upload it. This section is optional.

Click the Submit option. Your request will be reviewed, and you will be notified of the result.
Another way to delete a club in the Clubhouse. If you could not do the above steps for some reason, it might be time to send an email to the Club Support unit. Please write your request in an email and send it to

If the presence of one or more intruders in the Room has led you to decide to leave the room, it is best to hold back for now because there is a more straightforward solution.

How to block a person’s access to Room in the Clubhouse

If someone in Room is harassing you or you do not want to be in Room for any reason, Clubhouse has allowed moderators to block access to certain people. To block access to people in the Clubhouse, follow these steps:

Go to the person’s account page.

Tap the dot symbol in the upper right corner.
Select the Block option.
By blocking people, you block their access to your Account and the rooms you have created or in which you are a speaker. In addition, Clubhouse lets you know what rooms these people speak.

If someone did not follow the rules in the Clubhouse, in addition to the block option, it is better to select the Report or incident option to report to the Clubhouse as well.
You can download other profiles with the best quality and in the shortest time possible by touching the Clubhouse profile downloader.

Also, read the Clubhouse username.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a clubhouse profile?

Creating a profile in Clubhouse is like any other social network. You can easily select an image from your phone’s gallery or take a new photo using the in-app camera.
You can also write a bio to introduce yourself and maybe your services and products. Note that the first three dangers of your widow are displayed in other rooms.

What does the firefly sign in the Clubhouse profile mean?

You will be considered a novice for up to 7 days when you install this application. During this period, you only have the opportunity to set up a room and participate in rooms formed by others. The only limitation for newcomers is not able to start a club during these seven days.

What does the green square sign with the white star in the Clubhouse mean?

This symbol is displayed next to the roles of managers in this application. Managers who have this mark can be appointed managers, spokespersons or delete any of these items.

Is it possible to block in the Clubhouse?

Yes, it is possible Now. Go to the person’s account page.
Tap the dot symbol in the upper right corner.
Select the Block option.

How to create a clubhouse event?

You may not want to create a room or enjoy your rooms to be made under one event.
For example, you want to talk about different topics or have a business talk event with a specific category.
The first step is to touch the calendar icon to create and set your event. On the page that opens, you can specify the name of the event, the administrators, the start date and time of the event, and a description of the created event.


In this article, I did a complete review and 0 to 100 of Clubhouse. If you have any questions about this new and popular application, I will answer you in the comments section. I also suggest buying followers clubhouse to be seen more and succeed in this app sooner. But if you have any questions in this regard, contact the support team.

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