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clubhouse app for android

Clubhouse: The Social Audio App

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The world of social media and the presence of influencers can not be ignored. After Facebook and Instagram, and, to a lesser extent, Twitter and Telegram, now it is the turn of a new social network that has launched a noisy account and has attracted most people’s attention in the community.

The Clubhouse is a name you’ve probably heard a lot about in the last few months. On various social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you have seen that different users invite you to visit the Clubhouse; But what is a clubhouse voice chat? Why is the Clubhouse social network so popular, and now that this new social network has become an attractive trend, how can it be used? In this article, we tried to teach you from zero to one hundred clubhouses. We teach you how to create an account in a Clubhouse and how to work in it interestingly.

So if you have a Question about the Clubhouse program or what Clubhouse is and how to download it, follow this article.

What is a clubhouse, and what is its use?

The Clubhouse is an audio, social network. All of its content is based on users talking about specific topics. There is no news about movies, videos, or writings on this social network. Clubhouses are made up of different groups in which people talk about their favorite topics.

Until recently, the social network only had an iPhone version, and its developers were very slow to develop it. In a clubhouse, anyone can create a conversation for themselves and talk to anyone they like about their favorite topic. You can now send the link to the room you made for your exchange to others so that they can listen to your conversations.

It is not harmful to point out that the participants and people who enter different rooms to hear can not join the discussion without the permission of the room administrator and only play the role of listener.

On the other hand, nothing is stored on this social network, and if you leave a room, you will no longer access previous conversations. If you are interested in a topic, it is best to stay in the room until the end of the conversation.

Is Clubhouse safe?

Is Clubhouse safe for android

In this program, you can use private or public chat rooms. The most important feature of this program is that users’ conversations are not recorded and saved. So people do not leave the room thinking that they can listen to the recorded conversations later.
According to the New York Times, you can hear almost everything from celebrity chats, music, networking events, dating, theater shows, and political debates. There are two significant concerns about Clubhouse, both of which are still being addressed and developed.

Is the privacy of the Clubhouse respected?

The first concerns are about privacy and security. Is user security secure? Can sensitive information be hacked? Since Clubhouse is still in beta, it is not at real risk of many real-world vulnerabilities. There are no reports of current users complaining about privacy issues or security issues. Before we know more, we must wait for the full details.

You can now read the Clubhouse Privacy Policy to obtain information about your membership in the Clubhouse app, including the content, communications, and other information you provide.

The program also says that it collects information about actions taken, account communications, and types of conversations. It is a weakness of the program’s privacy. The Clubhouse is not a good choice if you want to maintain your daily interactions.

Security of chat rooms in Clubhouse

But it brings us to the second primary concern: what conversations are allowed in the Clubhouse and how they are controlled. In the Clubhouse, there is an observer for each specific room who can flag inappropriate or dangerous content and use the options to silence or delete users. Other users can also report particular conversations for violations. But a clubhouse can be toxic if content monitors do not flag or users do not write inappropriate content quickly.

The beta version of Clubhouse faces allegations of racial discrimination, racism, and harassment. Like many other social media platforms, conversations with the right balance can be engaging and entertaining, but they can be misused if left unchecked. It is an old problem, but Clubhouse has also disabled the option to search for user history, which is an advantage for this problem.

What is the use of Clubhouse?

What is the use of Clubhouse?

A feature of Clubhouse is that users can only talk to each other live, and conversations are not recorded; In this way, unlike the podcast, where everything happens at the moment.

You can hear only the voice conversations of users in the Clubhouse. You can choose a room of your choice and be present and listen to the participants’ talk in the discussion, Or ask to participate in the debate, and the room manager lets you speak, and your microphone opens for the others. No images or videos are exchanged on this network.

Who is in the Clubhouse?

Clubhouse has enlisted the help of world-famous people to gain as many users as possible in the fastest possible time. Among these people, we can mention Drake (singer), Virgil Ablo (costume designer), and even Oprah Winfrey (performer).

These people and a whole host of artists, athletes, and political figures worldwide have made people welcome this social network. According to published reports, Clubhouse currently has close to 10.1 million users. There are also top-rated podcasts on this social network that have quickly found their specific Audience.

It is worth mentioning that the Clubhouse allows users to create private rooms for a particular group to enter.

Download the official version of Clubhouse apk for Android

Download the official version of Clubhouse apk for Android

Finally, the expectations came true, and Clubhouse released the official version of Android. It is good news for fans of this audio, social network because now everyone can visit this new and fascinating world! The Android version of Clubhouse is currently only available on Google Play USA but will be available to all countries in the coming days.

Of course, there is no need to worry. If you can not wait a few days, do not worry; You can download the Android version of Clubhouse here.

google play clubhouse

Release of the official version of Android Clubhouse

The official version of Clubhouse apk for Android 5 has finally been released. Android Clubhouse for Android 8 and above has been released on Google Play USA.

Of course, this is a beta version of the application to solve all possible problems, but in terms of features, it is no different from the original version of Android Clubhouse.

The reason for releasing the Android version of Clubhouse in the United States is to collect user feedback and fix any possible problems.

Download Android Clubhouse or reserve a username

In the next few days, Android Clubhouse will be available in all stores around the world. You can go to the official page of Clubhouse on Google Play right now and reserve your username so that after downloading, you do not have to worry that the name you like has already been used.

          download clubhouse for androind         download clubhouse for androind

Learn how to create an Android Clubhouse account

After downloading Android Clubhouse and installing it, now is the time to create an account in Clubhouse. Starting a clubhouse account for Android is the same as the iPhone version. It is enough:

laern install clubhouse apk

Run Clubhouse and click Get your username.
Now enter your phone number and click Next.

laern install clubhouse apk enter number

Enter the verification code and go to the next step.

Now enter your first name and last name.

laern install clubhouse apk choose name

Select the username you want.
Your registration was successful.
Join clubhouse android app.

The official version of Android Clubhouse

After almost a year of monopoly for iPhone, Clubhouse has now been released for Android. If you are an Android user and have been waiting for a long time to release an official version of Clubhouse android apk, you can download the original version of Clubhouse here. What do you think about the release of the official version of Android Clubhouse? Did you manage to download Android Clubhouse?

How to work with Clubhouse?

The next question is how to work with the Clubhouse. It is not difficult to work with any social network, including clubhouses, and you can quickly learn to work with it. On the first page of Clubhouse, you will see a series of chat rooms displayed according to your taste; But see the Explorer button below these chat rooms. Of course, the Explorer part of the Clubhouse is known as the Hallway. So whenever Hallway is mentioned in the Clubhouse, it means the same Explorer. You can still access the Hallway by entering different rooms. By touching the All Rooms button without leaving the room you are in, you can find out about other activities that have taken place on this social network.

If you still can’t find your favorite chat rooms in Hallway, you can use the magnifying glass icon. Of course, the location of this button on Android and iOS is different, but in the Clubhouse menu, there is only one magnifying glass icon that is easily recognizable. By touching this option, you can search for the subject’s name you want, and you can also see several other chat rooms that Clubhouse shows you. You can follow it by selecting any chat room.

How to work with Clubhouse on android

It would help if you touched the magnifying glass icon to search the Clubhouse.
Now that you have the answer to how to open an account in a clubhouse and realize how to follow different chat rooms on this social network and find other chat rooms, it is time for you to create a chat room.

How to talk in a clubhouse?

talk in clubhouse room

I should note that clubhouse users are divided into two groups. The first group includes Speakers, and the second group comprises the Audience. In the next step, we will tell you how to create a conversational event and act as its narrator. Making room in a clubhouse is very easy. Just enter this application and touch the green button to start a room (Star a Room). Next, you need to specify the process of users accessing this new room. There are three modes: Open, Social, and Closed to build a room.
In Open mode, everyone can enter your room, and any user can listen to your conversation. In Social Mode, you can create a room with the users you have been following. In Closed mode, you can build a room specified by the people inside, and no one will have access to it. Note this by touching the Add a Topic icon, and You can choose the right name for your room. This feature is only enabled before the room is created and cannot be edited after the room is created. In this section, try to write a good description of the room you have built to attract more people.

Clubhouse allows users to set up their chat room at a specific date and time. All you have to do is touch the calendar icon. By entering this section, you can see the conversations that will start soon, and then you can schedule your desired dialogue room to be created on a specific day and time.

clubhouse APK

Download Clubhouse for Windows

As we said, the Clubhouse app is currently only available for Android and iPhone phones and is not available on Windows and Mac computers or even web browsers. However, this audio, social network is so popular that users have tried to release unofficial versions of the Clubhouse app for personal computers. So if you want to access the Clubhouse via personal computers, you can use the unofficial versions of this social network. Clubhouse installation is not official for Windows, Mac, and even Linux, and we do not guarantee their security. if you need more information about this app can read this article: how to use clubhouse on windows?

Can i make money on clubhouse?

some people like to work on social and earn money for self, if you want learn how you can jouin clubhouse and make money on this app, we suggest you read the article in our blog by this subject: How to Make Money with Clubhouse App? | Monetize Clubhouse

Can Clubhouse be installed on iPad?

Currently, this application is designed for iPhone, and although it works on iPad, it is not compatible with iPad OS. That’s why you can use it on the iPad.

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