how to delete one picture from multiple post on instagram

On Instagram, you may remove images without really deleting the posts.

Previously, you had to upload the entire carousel post if you wanted to remove one photo from it on Instagram. Thankfully, Instagram has added a native tool that allows you to delete one photo out of multiple, so you no longer need to do that. This post will examine how to accomplish that and take photographs from Instagram without actually deleting them. Stay with Pinclubhouse.

How to Remove One Photo from an Instagram Carousel Post

Look at the Poll on Instagram before reading this post. You can remove a photo from a post with several photographs by following the instructions below. Open the image-heavy post or the image carousel that contains the issue image.

Select “Edit” from the menu by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen. Avoid selecting “Delete,” as doing so will remove the entire post.

Scrolling around the displayed image, you can find the Trash icon in the top corner.

The photo you want to delete is adjacent to the Trash icon. A confirmation pop-up for “Delete media” will display. Click “Delete.”

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delete one picture from multiple post

The removed image will be placed in the “Recently deleted” folder, which will remain for 30 days before being permanently removed. You can either recover the image and send it back to the carousel during the next 30 days, as illustrated below, or permanently remove it. Also, read more about swipe up on Instagram.

Remove more images from the carousel in a similar manner.

To save the adjustments, tap the “Done” button.

Modifying Images in a Carousel Post

You can tag people in photos, change the alt text, & add places in addition to deleting specific images. However, the photographs in a carousel cannot have filters added to them after being published. Also, click on delete search history.

⦁ Select “Edit” from the menu by tapping the three dots icon on the post.

⦁ Tap the “Tag persons,” “Alter Alt Text,” or “Add location” options on the photo you want to edit. The post’s overall caption can also be changed.

How to Remove a Single Photo from an Instagram Story

How to Remove a Single Photo from an Instagram Story

It is simple to remove a single photo from Instagram Stories. Each image or video works independently, so if you’ve mixed several into one post, you can delete any of them.

Deleted stories can be opened. When you tap the three dots, the word “Delete” will appear in the menu.

Like the post, the deleted story will be transferred to the “Recently removed” photos section. However, as stories only last for 24 hours, you can only restore them within that time. After then, the story will be permanently deleted.

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Deleted Photo Recovery from Stories and Posts

Deleted Photo Recovery from Stories and Posts

You can quickly restore it if you unintentionally delete the entire post or the incorrect photo or video. Also, read delete secondary Instagram account. Take these actions:

⦁ Go to the profile page in the Instagram app after opening it.

⦁ Select “Your activity” by tapping the three-bar symbol at the top of the screen.

⦁ Simply click “Recently removed.”

⦁ Note: Go to “Settings Account Recently deleted” if you can’t locate “Recently deleted” under “Your activity.”

All of the recently removed images can be found here. To restore it, open the desired one.

⦁ Select “Restore” after clicking the three-dot icon.

⦁ If you erase a photo from a carousel post, it will reappear after multiple posts or where it originally appeared.

How to Remove Photos from Instagram without Deleting Them

Instagram allows you to archive a post if you don’t have the option to delete a photo from numerous posts or wish to hide photos without removing them.

Please be aware that you may only archive the full post—not specific images. Unaware users will not see a post after archiving it from their profile.

These are the steps to archive a post:

⦁ Open the article you want to save.

⦁ Select “Archive” from the menu by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen.

⦁ The post won’t appear on your profile since it will be moved to the “Archived” section.

Delete an archived post:

⦁ Tap the three-bar icon on the profile screen. Select “Archive.”

⦁ Select “Posts archive” under “Stories Archive” from the menu at the top. The old posts are visible.

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⦁ By touching the three-dot icon and choosing “Show on profile,” you may view the post you want to send back to your profile. Also, we suggest you take a look at removing followers on Instagram.


Why can’t I delete one picture from a carousel on Instagram?

Select “Edit” from the menu that opens on your screen. The upper left corner of each video or image in the carousel will display a small trash can icon. When prompted, click “delete” to verify the deletion after tapping that symbol.

Is there a way to delete only one picture on Instagram?

Tap the trashcan icon in the top left corner of your photo, which is above your profile name, to remove it from the carousel of photos.

Can you delete a single photo from a carousel post on Instagram iPhone?

To update a carousel post, tap the three dots in the post’s top-right corner. Step 2: Select “Edit.” Step 3: On your carousel post, swipe from right to left to find the image or video you want to remove. Step 4: Select the image or video you wish to delete by tapping the trash can symbol in its upper-left corner.

How do I delete one photo from a carousel Post?

Selecting the edit button after touching the three dots icon can remove a picture or video from a carousel. Swipe over to the photo or video you wish to delete at that time, and then hit the delete icon. The feature is presently only accessible on iOS, but it will soon be available on Android as well.

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