How to Delete Instagram direct messages

Instagram’s Direct Message (DM) function is among its most well-liked features. Users can create group chats or have private one-on-one conversations with their friends using DMs. Even though there are many messaging apps, Instagram is the most popular platform for instant messaging among users.

However, Instagram wasn’t created to manage a large chat log of DMs, as evidenced by the need for more tools for managing your DM inbox. Also, read the poll on Instagram. Messages from friends, spam, and dubious links sent by con artists can cause your inbox to fill up very quickly. Stay with Pinclubhouse to learn more about delete Instagram messages on direct.

How to Delete Instagram direct messages on an iPhone or an Android Device 2023?

How to Delete Instagram direct messages

Follow these instructions to delete direct messages on Instagram. Stay with Pinclubhouse. Also, click on the swipe-up on Instagram.

  • On your home screen, tap the message icon, which looks like a paper airplane.
  • To access the message options for a conversation, long-press it or tap the conversation you want to delete and drag it to the left.
  • The Delete button.
How to Delete Instagram direct messages

The group messages will stop appearing in your inbox once you finish the aforementioned steps. Remember that the other person can still access them.

Instead of scrolling through your DM inbox to find specific conversations you want to delete, you can also use the Search feature to see those messages. To find and delete a conversation with a specific person, type their name into the search bar at the top of your screen.

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On Android and iPhone/iOS, delete individual messages.

A few years ago, Instagram quietly launched the Unsend feature. Messages that still need to be read can be resent.

Here’s what you need to do if you’ve never used Unsend on Instagram before:

  • Start a conversation in the DM.
  • Click on the “unwanted message”.
  • Choose to Send Message No More.

As a result of the above actions, you never sent the message. Also, tap on the delete search history. You can always delete a message you sent and later realise you should not have before the recipient sees it. If not, your options are limited.

You will have to repeat the above steps for each message because there is currently no way to bulk-delete individual messages on Instagram. You could always try using a third-party auto-clicking app. Also, read more about the remove follower on Instagram.

Use the Android, iPhone, or iOS version of AutoClicker to delete all of your Instagram direct messages.

You can automate repeated taps and swipes in any app or screen on your device using the AutoClicker for Android and AutoClicker for iOS tools. The possibilities offered by this strong free program will excite you once you start experimenting with it. But for the time being, this article focuses on deleting your Instagram DMs.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Open the Auto Clicker application.
  • Tap Enable in the Multi Targets Mode section.
  • Due to the delay between taps, you can have multiple tapping points.

Visit the Direct Messages tab on Instagram.

To make a swipe point, a circle with the number 1 inside it, tap and hold the green plus sign. Swipe to the first conversation in your DMs.

  • Inside the first circle, insert the second circle. By doing this, AutoClicker is told to tap and hold.
  • To open the Settings window for this swipe, tap the circle. Set both the swipe time and the delay to 1000 milliseconds.
  • On Instagram, long-tap on the first conversation to advance it so you can see where to place the subsequent taps.
  • The context menu is visible.
  • Drag the tap point to the line of the context menu that reads “Delete” after tapping the icon to add a tap point. This tapping point will turn into a two and have a 2 in the circle.
  • To resume the process on Instagram, tap the delete line.
  • Drag-tap point 3 to the desired location after tapping the icon to create it.
  • To keep this conversation from being deleted at this time, press cancel.
  • Give this tapping script (also known as a configuration) a name by tapping the gear icon. If you save the script, you can run this command repeatedly for hundreds or thousands of iterations automatically and without human supervision. Also, read the delete the secondary Instagram account.
  • To run your script, press the blue Run arrow.
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You can disable the app’s interface by deactivating it on the AutoClicker app’s home screen.

Unquestionably, AutoClicker is a potent tool that you can use in various ways, not just to delete Instagram DMs more quickly! Please share your comment about delete Instagram messages on iPhone/Android with Pinclubhouse.


If someone is blocked on Instagram, are all messages deleted?

No, blocking Instagram users has nothing to do with sent messages. You will see the “Delete” option if you choose to block someone on Instagram and then return to their message thread. The messages will only be deleted on your end if you choose to delete them. All of your communications are still visible to the other user.

The only way to get messages off someone else’s account is to un-send them, but that requires them still to read them. By opening the Instagram DMs, selecting the message thread, and long-pressing each message you’ve sent, you can later select “Unsend Message.”. Depending on how determined you are to delete every message you’ve sent to the user, this could take a very long time, but it’s unquestionably a useful feature.

Can all Instagram DMs be removed at once?

Unfortunately, even when using third-party DM deleting apps, Instagram does not support deleting all your messages simultaneously. Unless you use an app like AutoClicker that sets automatic clicks, you have to delete each conversation one at a time manually.

Despite obstacles, you can easily delete an entire conversation. By choosing this option, you will only need to perform the deletion process once per conversation and not once per message. Even though it still hurts, doing it all at once would have been much worse.

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Can we delete an Instagram chat from both sides?

Yes. It’s so easy to delete an Instagram conversation on both ends. Open the direct message you want to delete and hold it there for three seconds. After that, click the Unsend button to remove the correspondence from both parties.

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