Compare Clubhouse and TikTok

Compare Clubhouse and TikTok App; Clubhouse is a sound-based app, and TikTok is an app for making short clips, and this is the main difference between Clubhouse and TikTok. In the rest of the article, stay tuned with Pinclubhouse to review each app individually and tell you the benefits of each.

Compare Clubhouse and TikTok

Compare ClubHouse and Tiktak app
These days, we are facing the emergence of several new and different social networks, and maybe those around you have also asked you the question, what is the Clubhouse? Or what is the difference between the Clubhouse and a TikTok? Many are looking for useful educational apps. As always at Pinclubhouse, we have tried to answer these questions about the Clubhouse app and TikTok. We have also prepared for you the context of how to use Clubhouse. As usual, we explain each app separately and completely.

What is the Clubhouse?

With all the hype surrounding this social network, you might be wondering what the Clubhouse app is. The Clubhouse app is a new and conversational social network first released exclusively for the iPhone about a year ago. In this social network, unlike Twitter, which is text-based, and Instagram, which is image and video-based, you hear and talk more.

After releasing several unofficial versions of Clubhouse for Android, the official version was finally released. Joining the app at first required an invitation, but TikTok never wanted an invitation. But now, the Clubhouse doesn’t need an invitation. So if you want to have the Clubhouse on your PC or Linux, click on the link below.

Clubhouse PC / Clubhouse Linux

What is the TikTok?

The TikTok app allows users to create short music videos of 3 to 15 seconds. Use music and special effects to share your great movies with funny and memorable moments to share with the world. This app can capture your videos with special effects, fun labels, filters, music, and more. 100+ fun emojis tags and fun face filters are available for free to make your videos more beautiful.

TikTok app is a Chinese social network available through smartphones running on iOS and Android.


Popularity of Clubhouse

One of the reasons for the sudden popularity of Clubhouse is the presence of influential people such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Drake and Kevin Hart. Along with their presence in the Clubhouse rooms, they led a flood of fans to this audio-based social network.

What is the reason for the popularity of TikTok?

TikTok is a short video-based social app that uses music. Artists who dance, freestyle or performance are encouraged to unleash their imagination and express themselves freely. TikTok is designed for the new generation of creators, allowing users to quickly and easily create unique short videos to share with friends and the world. TikTok is a new cultural benchmark for young builders.

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What is the use of Clubhouse?

A feature of Clubhouse is that users can only talk to each other live, and conversations are not recorded; In this way, unlike the podcast, here everything happens at the moment.

You can hear only the voice of other users in the Clubhouse. Also, you can select a room in your exciting topic and be present and listen to the participants’ conversation in the discussion. Also, ask to participate in the meeting, and the room moderator lets you talk, and your microphone opens for the others. No pictures or videos are exchanged on this network. Also, read how to make money on Clubhouse content.

Compare ClubHouse and Tiktak app

TikTok app abilities

  • Ability to record attractive 15-second videos and share them with other users
  • Ability to link videos to the story (this feature increases the duration of videos to 60 seconds)
  • Ability to upload video from mobile phone directly
  • Ability to set and create time limits for children to use the TikTok app by parents
  • This feature makes it possible for parents to use,
  • Dedicated settings Set intervals of 40, 60, 90 and 120 minutes per day for their children to use this app.
  • Ability to report or report if you see users with inappropriate activity and illegal
  • To do this, you must first enter the person’s profile and select the three dots icon at the top of the screen, then click “Report”.
  • In this way, you report this person and his misbehaviour,
  • You tick the program management team to review and take the necessary action.
  • Ability to change your account to private mode. Like Instagram
  • We can say that you can upload any video you want in this program,
  • But music videos are among the most popular videos among users.
  • Although TikTok has a time limit for creating videos and your videos should be short,
  • But this issue has caused the videos to be optimized in the same short time.
  • Be useful and practical and show more creativity in them.
  • Use the TikTok app to make any open video.
  • You can create videos on any topic, from the world of technology to fun and entertaining topics.
  • You also can access abundant video files and
  • Get ideas in this popular program to make your videos better.
  • Plus, in TikTok, very different and fascinating challenges.


In addition, there are many different and attractive challenges in TikTok that users create and publish.


So far, we have written about the abilities and differences between Clubhouse and TikTok. In the continuation of the article, we will give a brief tutorial on using these apps.

Compare ClubHouse and Tiktak app

How to enter the Clubhouse?

Clubhouse invitation has a format similar to the following text. After receiving it and making sure that the phone number is correct, you can install the application or enter the Clubhouse if you have already done so. The Clubhouse will send a confirmation SMS to your number, and you will be logged in to Clubhouse.

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Note: After registering and entering the Clubhouse, you must choose a username for yourself. Note that it is only possible to change the Clubhouse username once in the future. But click here to change Clubhouse username twice.

What is Club?

A club is your room or association. Members of a club usually have common interests and create chat rooms. Your chat rooms will probably be even busier if your club has many members. Click here to record Clubhouse room.

How do we get permission to speak?

Just touch the emoticon at the bottom of the screen to get permission. If you want to speak, the moderator should let you talk. Also, read the context, how to mute on Clubhouse.

Join the rooms on Clubhouse

To join the conversations in this social network, just touch one from the home page. In the list of chat rooms, you can see the title of the rooms, the main speakers, the number of members and the respective club.

Compare ClubHouse and Tiktak app

Upon joining the room, you will see three groups of people:

  • Speakers
  • People followed by speakers
  • Audience

We have three buttons at the bottom:

  • Leave quietly to exit (silently)
  • + To ping or invite your friends to join the conversation
  • Get permission to speak

In fact, only keynote speakers talk in chat rooms. But if you have something to say as a listener, you can get permission.

In the Clubhouse, users pay a lot of attention to your profile picture because it is the only thing that shows your reality. Click on Clubhouse profile maker to create an attractive profile.

Also, in Clubhouse, you can’t see other people’s profile photos in full size. To do this, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader.

What does pinging mean?

Pinging in the Clubhouse means inviting the following person to join a chat room. You can ping your friends by pressing the + button in the rooms.

Which videos can be uploaded in the TikTok app?

While TikTok only allows you to produce short videos, it does not hinder your creativity. It can be said that time constraints increase users’ creativity. You can upload any video to TikTok; However, the song’s most famous of them. Even if you don’t know how to sing or play, put the latest songs on your video to go viral. There are no restrictions on making videos for you, you can make videos about the world of technology or create entertaining videos for other users. In this app, you have access to the latest and most popular videos; So you can get ideas from them. In this platform, various challenges are considered for Musers. These challenges aren’t created by TikTok, but by users creating and extending them.

Compare ClubHouse and Tiktak app

TikTok Tutorial:

Create an account on the TikTok social network

Open the Android TikTok app. This app is in the form of sheet music on a black background.

Touching the icon in the lower right corner of the registration page will open. If you have already registered, just touch the Login button. You can search for videos uploaded to the application without registering, but you can’t like or comment on them.

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You can use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google account to register.

Confirm your registration on this page. Depending on the application you selected in the previous step, you should choose one of your user accounts and then go to the next page by touching the Continue or Connect button.

You can use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google account to register.

Confirm your registration on this page. Depending on the app you selected in the previous step, you should choose one of your user accounts and then go to the next page by touching the Continue or Connect button.

You can search for your favourite videos by swiping them up and down the page. In this way, you will see the previous video by dragging down the page.

You can stop playing the video by touching it.

Touching it again will make the video play again.

By touching the profile icon in the upper right corner of the page, you can add this video to the group of videos that you follow.

You can also like the video you want by touching the heart icon.

By touching the icon shown in the figure below, you can go to the comments section to read other people’s comments about this video.

You can comment on the video by writing text in the specified text field.

You can share this video on your other social media accounts by selecting the Share button. You can also use the messaging app to share video links with your contacts so that they can enjoy watching the video.

This button offers you one of the exciting features of this application.

By selecting it, you can open the video background music on another page and even show videos that have used the same music.

If you like the video and want to see other videos of the person who posted it, drag the page to the left. You can follow this account and swipe down to watch other videos shared by it. You can return to the previous page by swiping the page to the right or touching the > sign.

You can search for new and popular videos using popular hashtags by tapping the icon in the image below.


In this article, we compare Clubhouse and TikTok apps. We concluded that each epic has its capabilities, and we can’t say that one is superior to the other. The Clubhouse is based on audio, and TikTok is based on short videos and many other differences. We hope you find this helpful article. Let us know your questions about comparing Clubhouse and TikTok apps to us.


Which app is better to use, Clubhouse or TikTok?

In fact, we can’t say which one is better because each app has its capabilities. For example, Clubhouse is based on voice and live chat and TikTok is based on short videos.

What is the difference between the Clubhouse and TikTok?

Each of them has its capabilities. We examined the differences between the two apps together in detail.

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