Clubhouse; An audio social media app

Clubhouse; Amazing Club of Sounds! If you follow the news of the world of technology and social networks, you must have heard the name of the app Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is the newest social network and the most unique of its kind! Here’s what you need to know about the audio social media app; From how to register and download Clubhouse for iPhone and Android to the presence of Elon Musk in a chat room! Want to know what the Clubhouse is? Stay with Pinclubhouse.

Clubhouse; An audio social media app

Imagine having an app with which you can listen to the live conversations of others in the real world! Of course, we don’t mean to eavesdrop; These people want to be heard themselves. The Clubhouse is an audio social media app for talking, not by text message but by speaking live! But for more information, click on How to use Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse comprises some chat rooms where you can join and listen to discussions about a particular topic and participate if you wish. The interesting thing about this audio chat room app is the presence of celebrities in some chat rooms! In fact, the Clubhouse app is a social network for voice chat! You can’t share any photos or videos on this social network, and only your profile photo is essential. Click on Clubhouse profile maker to create an attractive profile. Also, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader to download other people’s profiles in high quality, full size and free.

  how to start room in clubhouse?

PCMag author Jordan Minor answers the question, What is the Clubhouse? “If Twitter were a podcast you lived on, it would end up being the Clubhouse,” he says.

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How does Clubhouse work?

Initially, Clubhouse was only available for iOS and Android users, and access to chat rooms via Android devices wasn’t possible until the official version of Android was released. Unlike other social networks, Clubhouse rooms don’t allow everyone to speak freely. These rooms are more like conference rooms where people manage the discussion as observers or moderators. They can talk freely, and you must have their approval to speak. The grey colour around their profile picture can easily identify people talking in the rooms. Also, read How to mute on Clubhouse.

In short, each room has two sections, and people are divided into three categories. The first part is the stage where the Moderator and the Speakers are present, and the second part is the Audience who listens to the speeches.

The good thing about Clubhouse is that anyone can have their room in the app and make it. If you want to make a room, the following three modes are considered:

Open Room: Any user can join it.

Social Room: Only the users you follow can join the room.

Closed Room: Membership in these rooms is only possible if you have an official invitation!

Each room in this app can be a subset of a club. You can also follow all the rooms in the club by following a club of your choice.

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Download Clubhouse for iPhone and Android

Downloading Clubhouse is very simple. Like other iPhone apps, you need to go to the App Store to download the Clubhouse app for iPhone:

Download Clubhouse app for iPhone

Of course, to download and get more information about this app, you can also visit the official website of the Clubhouse app. After installation, now is the time to register!

Download Clubhouse for Android

The registration process for this app is similar to almost all social networks. Having a phone number and choosing a username completes your registration.

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Complete Clubhouse profiles and follow favourite topics.

Now that you have the Clubhouse installed, you can complete your profile information. All you have to do is touch your photo to join Clubhouse’s profile settings. You can complete your bio information and connect your account to your Facebook or Twitter account in this section. Read the Username on Clubhouse and Change Clubhouse username twice for more information.

The next step is to choose your favourite topics. This will allow Clubhouse to offer you better deals and you will be able to find the rooms you like faster. You can select any of the following topics you like:

Sport: If you are interested in sports and sports-related topics.

Life: Topics related to daily life such as marriage, travel, family

Wellness: Increasing health and healthy ways of living.

Faith: Religion and beliefs and topics in this field

Places: Topics about specific cities around the world

Tech: If you are into technology and games, be sure to select this option.

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Now everything is ready for you to join the noisy world of Clubhouse!


Until a few months ago, maybe no one even thought that a sound-based program could make such a fuss! In the colourful world of photo and video, the presence of the Clubhouse audio social media app can revive the value of talking and listening to others. We suggest read the articke how to make money on Clubhouse. The Clubhouse app, with a simple idea, namely the audio social media app, has reached a large audience around the world. If you are already an audio social media app member, share your user experience with others in the comments section.


What is the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a new audio social media app where the only way to communicate is to talk and voice!

Is Clubhouse available for iPhone free?

Yes. Downloading Clubhouse is completely free, and you don’t need to pay any fee to register in it.

Are our voices recorded in the Clubhouse?

No. All conversations in this app are live, and no conversations are saved.

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