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Download Clubhouse social network voice chat Android; These days, when the discussion of the Clubhouse program has become one of the most discussed in the virtual world, many of us are looking to install and launch this program.

App Store Android Free Download

The advancement of communication science and the conditions that the Coronavirus pandemic created for this planet persuaded the people of the world more and more to perform their daily tasks and duties as much as possible offline and online. As we know, this epidemic directly impacted the consumption of the Internet and social networks, so cyberspace users who were active in Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and applications spent more hours of the day and night on Instagram with the onset of the Corona pandemic. But as the status quo continued, people were eager to spend time on Instagram and other social networks. It is predicted that in the not too distant future, the concerns of the people of the world will increase so much that there will be no more desire to use photo-centric social networks.

App Store Android Free Download

So far, the question for you is, in what direction will users go in the future? Given the above and the investment of prominent people, it is expected that applications and networks in which the focus of communication is voice messages will have a good performance. The Clubhouse is an app that has just hit the tongues.

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Clubhouse; An app for Android Users!

The Clubhouse is a sound-based application. In this program, you will not see anything like sharing pictures or videos, and the only way users can communicate with each other is based on audio. That’s why the role of your profile photo is so essential; click on Clubhouse Profile Maker. And to download other people’s profiles, click on the Clubhouse profile downloader. Remember that all chats and calls made through this app are live. This means that you will not be able to re-access your previous voice calls and communications.

App Store Android Free Download

You might be wondering if third-party programs like screen recorders and call recorders are allowed. To record audio or video from calls, in this regard, we must say that in the initial versions of Clubhouse, these actions were not allowed at all. Still, with the release of the Android version of Clubhouse, it is possible to record speeches for Users of this application. Like Instagram, Twitch, Pinterest, Clubhouse is a social network, but many differences exist. The Clubhouse was initially released for both Android and iPhone versions. But, due to the problems and disruptions seen in the Android version of Clubhouse, the mother company decided to suspend the Android versions of Clubhouse, which of course these problems. It was removed after a while, and the link to download Android versions was put back on Google Play.

Register and set up in the Clubhouse

Surely you have been active in at least one social network, and you are somewhat familiar with the working process of such applications. Clubhouse, like most messengers, needs to register and open an account and will ask for your phone number upon arrival. It does not matter if the phone number is in your name, but note that Clubhouse will send a text message to the phone number you entered to authenticate you, so it must be accessible. After entering the code, it is time to choose a username, which users select a name for their account based on name, title, brand, job. Also, read the Clubhouse Funny Bio Example.

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App Store Android Free Download

Register at the Clubhouse without the need for an invitation!

One of the policies used by Clubhouse developers was to give users hard access to Clubhouse! Basically, the more complex people achieve something, the more they appreciate it, and of course, they try more challenging to gain it. Some may not accept these petitions, but the Clubhouse owes its popularity, along with widespread publicity, to the policies of such developers! But do not worry, at the moment you do not need an invitation, and you can easily join it.

Download Clubhouse for Android

As mentioned, the Clubhouse app was first officially released for phones running Android and iOS, but the Android version of the app was soon unavailable due to security issues! Of course, this absence was not continuous, and after a few months, the Android version of Clubhouse became available to users of phones with this operating system.

Android friends should note that the original version of this program is available to the public for free. To download Clubhouse, never download Clubhouse; Because most unofficial programs have security bugs and can damage your phone.
Download Clubhouse for Android


In this article, we talked about app store Android free download. If you are looking for a program where you can easily discuss with users in a safe environment by creating groups to hold your classes and conferences, Clubhouse can be a unique program in this area. Please share your idea with us.

FAQs of app store Android free download

Is Clubhouse available for Android?

  Event Type on Clubhouse

Yes, now all Android and iPhone users can use it.

Is it necessary to have an invitation?

No. You no longer need an invitation, and all users can join.

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